This is PKA

PKA Ltd. (in Danish: Pensionskassernes Administration A/S) is one of the largest administration companies for occupational pension funds in Denmark. All Danish pension funds are supervised by The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, which attends to all financial regulation in Denmark.

The PKA Group was established and is owned by three occupational pension funds with a total of 260,000 members, mainly employees in the public social and health sectors. Approximately 90% of these are women.

PKA Ltd. makes investments on behalf of the individual pension fund based on the investment policy stipulated by the board of each one. At the end of 2013 the market value of the assets managed by PKA Ltd. was approximately DKK 194,8 billion (€26,1 bn.).

The administration of the pension funds is handled by PKA Ltd. The three pension funds benefit from having a joint administration company, cost reduction and increased efficiency being among the obvious advantages. Each pension fund has made an administration contract with PKA Ltd.

PKA+ is owned by the three pension funds. Related companies are Forca Ltd. and DEAS Ltd.

Chairman of the board:

Bent Hansen, President, Central Denmark Region  


Peter Damgaard Jensen


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